Python 3K

I was talking about PHP and initiative to have older code converted or rewritten in newer version. Python has recently released new version available here, which is also very exciting development and it is somewhat incompatible with older code. I must admin that my Python skills are completely rusty.

Python along with Perl, PHP and Ruby is the cornerstone of so called LAMP development (Ruby is newest member but very attractive redhead). Also when we are at it, Perl has been cooking version 6 for quite some time. It is supposed to have incompatibilities and advanced features in it as well. Perl community was his strength for long time and one of the nice things is archive with almost every conceivable problem addressed there as a library. This is envy of other scripting favorites, Ruby especially, but on the other hand, Perl especially lacks superstars like Ruby on Rails is. In fact Perl is a little beaten and pushed back lately.

Python was always somewhere in-between, with several productivity frameworks (?) like TurboGears and fancy Django, previously it has one of the awesome CMS-es available in Zope and Plone. However what has worked especially favorable for Python is that Google is using it and is hiring people with Python skills. Correction, Google is hiring people with skills for giving smart answers to impossible questions, and it seems they’ve been hiring quite a bunch of those 🙂 ha ha ha.

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