CodeGear releases 3rdRail aka Delphi4Rails

I am really excited with the news. I remember reading about it and anticipating but now that is here I am really excited with this development.

I’ve been using Delphi since it was Delphi for Win3.11, it was always awesome platform for app development. I always have strong belief in Borland abilities and creativity, just frankly they made it very hard for anyone to have any. OK, on to the news.

CodeGear, ex Borland IDE development company finally released IDE for RubyOnRails development. I just watched video demonstration and it really gives the edge to developers. It looks a lot like Eclipse or Aptana but with enough of nifty features to make it worthwhile. From video it seems that it just looks and works much better, but it might be same foundation. I am really pleasantly surprised with features. I like that it does a lot for you, it can generate quite a number of things for you. I am a little afraid that it might attracts people who barely know anything, but it is really nice feature. I LOVE refactoring feature, I can already see myself using it to reorganize things. Finally it seems that Rails and Ruby will get decent auto-completion, I kind of forgot about that with Rails as Aptana is not quite there honestly, it is nice and I am happy to have it but it leaves things to be desired.

Of course DHH is given his positive view on this development 🙂 and with interest is following what CodeGear is doing. Also I seen  guys from CodeGear giving him full licence for 3rdRail on Berlin interview video, very nice. When you are celebrity everyone is pampering you, but if anyone deserved pampering and admiration, DHH is the one.

EWeek has written about this announcement. And one more about CodeGear’s focus towards Rails.

As someone who always loved Borland products, I couldn’t be happier. Fruits of separation of CodeGear from those schmucks at Borland are already visible.

So I am off to play with 3rdRail for 30-ish days and then we will see, $300 is not much and it seems to bring additional fun to already pleasant Rails development.


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