Raaaiiiiils !!! 2.0! is here.

In the words of DHH, It is done.

DHH released Rails 2.0 yesterday. Now this is something for developers to get for Christmas to make it Merry :). I was a little out of the loop with my recent projects being more PHP focused and not being to make 3rdRail working. Also DreamHost being not good platform for Rails, it made it not good for my casual projects.

List of changes is really something. Since I was a little out of the loop of what is current development and features we should expect from new Rails, I took good look at release news. You can imagine my joy and excitement when I got all of the goodies at one pile, as opposed to developers who could get excited over every little thing. There are really neat things and they make a lot of sense, like always. I like that things for database access and specific structures for models are removed as plugins. This resolves I suspect a number of discussions on what should be included and what should be left out. Now everything is out and of equal importance and can be updated regardless of core.

I love how code is even more simplified, with simple tweaks that make huge difference and make overall behavior more intelligent.

Rails will be even more pleasure to develop for and will bring more joy to developers in New Year.  DHH and whole Rails team did great job.


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