Organizing email

Having a ton of emails seems to be common these days. I was able to put a lid on emails and keep them under control. That doesn’t mean I don’t receieve spam, just I don’t get them as much. Still there is quite a number of emails I need to process every morning.

First thing that is very useful is to have different folders and to keep your inbox clean. I have one generic folder ‘PastInbox’ to which goes all uncategorized email, I can always look there for reference to any email I wanted saved. I rarely do.

Then there is ‘Corespondence’ folder, where important reference emails are stored. I would say few emails a week end there and it is very easy to find any important emails there.

‘Events’ folder emails used to end in PastInbox or Corespondence, however these emails are important, yet till some future date. Usually if it is an invite to event, agenda of future event where we plan to go, it ends up there. Very easy to locate.

There is also ‘Dakic OnLine’ folder with subfolders for every client. Before every email I would get from client would go to their folder, however, I found that this way I get quite a bit of emails. On one hand, I would like to have record of every nod and hint I get from clients, on the other hand, this usually means around 10+ emails per day. I mark important ones, like logins with flag and this helps great deal. In DakicOnLine folder goes only things from new clients and such stuff.

“Shopping” is last folder I use to organize. When I buy stuff online, confirmations, tracking and stuff like that goes there. They used to go to PastInbox which is OK, except after a while to find them. So I made a folder.

All this evolved through time. I started with just PastInbox few years ago and I added things when I realized I need them.

Still after all this, there is quite a number of emails coming every few hours to inbox which you need to process and often delete. I realized that Outlook does quite a good job of spam reduction, in fact, I would often find emails there that don’t quite belong. However there are number of emails from retailers, websites I signed up at one time or the other, that are legitimate emails yet they are not something I would read.

I did this once in the past and I think I am adding it as a good measure of keeping the lid on things, very simple action can reduce this email. I just need to unsubscribe from them when I see them, instead of just deleting them. And I removed myself from everything. Staples, I love your coupons, but frankly I delete your emails almost all the time. Majority of emails that I spend time deleting can be unsubscribed from, and just by doing that instead of deleting it, will save me a lot of effort in the future. This is new practice I did occasionally in the past, I am adding it as regular action now.

The reason for cleaning inbox is not just saving time, more importantly it adds a focus to emails I get, mostly from clients. Now almost every email is important one, which I will review, act and put in appropriate place.


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