Few words about Rails {grin}

I just read Zed’s post ‘Rails Is a Ghetto’ and while I didn’t have inside experience he has, well… let’s go from the start. First his post  is really insightful and amusing. Also he talks about Rails in a way most Railities didn’t used to. Of course he mentions performance and crashing problems. Whew !!! Now if Rails crashed on DHH every f*** 4 minutes in order to run BaseCamp, why did apparently smart person like him waited to come to that, I would have picked up friggin C++ long time ago if nothing else was working. Hint: PHP đŸ™‚ ha ha!.

This silence over problems is similar to Apple fanboys thing (which can explain why Railities love Apple), while nowhere as crazy as Apple thing, there is definitive avoiding to talk about any problems and issues that can paint Rails in bad way. However great Rails are, if we don’t talk about problems we would never be able to address them and I think Zed and some earlier posts on O’Reilly are really doing good service to Rails and as someone who does enjoy using it, I need to say: Thank you Zed!

Then of course other bloggers picked up the topics and expanded with their frustrations and validation of original Zed’s post.

Few things to pick up from his post is his critique of ThoughtWorks. I would love if any client of theirs would demand procedure Zed proposed for letting them work on the project. My experiences working as consultant through consultant houses are similar, I was trying to do good work and good practices, but being surrounded with people who simply doesn’t understand what you are doing, makes it hard. Well, being solo now helped me great deal to focus my work on good practices, not that I don’t have a lot of challenges to overcome, mostly organizational.

In conclusion, Rails is great, version 2.0 is definitive step in right direction, Zed is great and his critique while very rich in colors provide a lot of good insight in problems.


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