Power of IT

I bought pretty little laptop recently – Lenovo. It came with some promotional offers, and Chase Bank tried to do a classic “bite and switch” with me. They essentially approved me but didn’t give me promotional offer. So I started calling to clarify the situation, as I was approved, and I do have very good credit score, so if I can’t get it, who can?

Where it got interesting, they were bouncing me back and forth, so I Chase CSR transferred me to Office Depot IT department. Now, this is their internal department and I realized this immediately. So when guy picked up the phone, I explained him situation. Once I mentioned that I am also in IT, I bought a laptop and they don’t want to honor the deal, things changed drastically. Before he transferred me, he gave me usual numbers and also office headquarters as well, just in case, I might need it.

I would do the same, but it was really nice.

In the end, I got frustrated and finally pinned down one Chase CSR, she finally started to do something about it, when my phone ran out of batteries. I called them back, got another one, started to pin her down, when she was ‘You hang up on our CSR’. I explained that my battery ran out of juice for all the back and forth.

End result, I got it, they claim it was never missing from my account, which is really strange as no-one else was able to see this. But, I will accept this. I think what did it in the end is me calling it ‘bite and switch’ and not accepting explanation which was not a real explanation, just ‘you are not approved you know’. No, I don’t know and I don’t accept it. If I had lower score and had felling guilty over it, they would succeeded and most likely they do often.

Well, I doubt amount I saved in interest would justify this time spend on this call, but I my feeling of getting things DONE, really does.

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