New Apple Air MacBook

New MacBook was just released. I was waiting for someone to release a laptop without cd/dvd drive for some time. I think this is great feature and hopefully this will be more common. Also reduction of the ports is welcome, thank you for doing this.

Now, here is strange thing. I am not Apple fanboy, I don’t like OS X, I think true geeks if they want to be cool should install Linux not use ‘that thing’. I think DHH is totally wrong and OS that doesn’t have right click and start menu, can’t be really productive to anyone. I do have quite an oversized iMac at home but it is not used much.

However, I think Air Macbook is very positive thing. I like it a lot, I think it is overpriced quite a bit, I would pay maybe 1200, 1300 if you twist my arm. Still, effects from this lappy will be felt through the industry and soon others will start releasing products with similar ideas (hint Sony). So if someone would buy me this one I would be quite happy 🙂 (not likely to happen).

So, strangely enough, almost all reactions I heard are very negative, which further reaffirms that I am usually in contrarian position when it comes to apple. Some people bring good point like, why would you use this when you can have EEE PC, or that there are quality issues with Mac’s already and that this one will surely be plagues with problems. Also non-replaceable battery.

All the issues would be cleared if this thing would cost below $1000. Like 900 would be good price.

I don’t really care that much that it is sooo thin, I think 3 pounds is awesome, I could even bare 3.5 if it was not that thin and had 8 hours of battery. I mean, that is the point of removing cd/dvd and simplifying experience. Still, it looks like good laptop and it is strange how negative were the reactions. Well, let’s just wait for apple fanboys to start ranting.


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