Wild About Work – 101 ways (curt rosengren)

Some 2-3 years ago, Occupational Adventure blog was place I enjoyed to visit, Curt was writing there often and it inspired me quite a bit at that time to start things which I am enjoying now. So, even though he doesn’t write this much anymore, at least not on his blog, whenever he does something new I try to follow and support.  So when he wrote to announce his new book, I figured, it will be worthwhile to check it out.

What made my whole experience interesting was that his book ‘101 Ways to Get Wild About Work’ is published to self-publishing service Lulu. I thought that books published this way get pricey, as they are printed individually when someone orders them, however you will see that book was modestly priced. So, as much as I was excited about this particular book, I was also looking at overall experience of ordering and book quality. Getting book part was same like it would be from Amazon for any other book, you could even say that I received this book a little sooner then I would from Amazon (for some reason it takes them forever to ship the books). I was curious about packaging and it is the same, if not better then Amazon, book was wrapped inside the box so that it wouldn’t move during transport. Quality of the print is very good for paperback edition and overall I am very pleased by Lulu service. If I ever write or set to write the book, they would be sure place to publish your book and not have to worry about quality.

Now,  the book itself. It is made of 101 small chapters that are page to two pages long which try to suggest ways to inspire you or suggest actions that you could take and improve your career, work, business. Since I am small business owner, I thought that I figured most of these things and thought that book will just repeat what I have read 1000 times. If it gets boring, I didn’t get to that part, I am at 8-th way and I already can say that this book was worthwhile purchase and read. For last few days I would read before sleep one or two chapters and think about ideas in them. While I use and apply some of those ideas, suggestions in the book, about journaling for example gave me additional ideas how to approach it. I usually write daily review, however I found it weird to write about my ideas. Somehow when I read about journaling it gave me a spark that enabled me to write to great length about my ideas, plans and what actions I am going to do, since I’ve been doing this for last 3-4 days I think it can be considered regular practice. Also I liked very much suggestion to make list of questions that are currently issues I have and try to write answers to them and doing that is already helping me deal with them.

I am enjoying reading this book and taking it slow. I would recommend it to anyone, specially to those who might think, like I did, that they might not need to read it.


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