Revision3 redesign

Video podcast network Revision3, created by Kevin Rose of Digg (for those who might not be aware), just got redesigned.

It looks fairly nice, with nice slideshow feature, however I still can’t find where to look for new shows, as previous blog format would what I am used to. It was cluttered by daily tekzilla’s that is for sure.

Ads are breaking design and make it looks amateurish. Hmm, they removed google ads on one place and placed show ads. Still those look also ugly and break flow of design, lower one is stuck to upper box. Can Kevin pay designer to fix this I wonder, or this was a rush project.

Show pages look really good though. Actually, they should have done same for home page, as it looks weird, like it is not finished. Ha, a top right corner of show page doesn’t have good transparency (in IE7). This is definitely work in progress. Let’s give them few days to fix this.

Anyway, this is site I visit often as I am quite a big fan of “Diggnation”, “Infected” and “Totally Rad Show”. I welcome new layout with hope they will finish it, as previous was quite good.


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