Paulo Coelho uses bittorrent to seed his books

World famous Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, who’s works include ‘Alchemist’ and ‘Fifth Mountain’. Here is his video from german book fair where he talks how he created his site Pirate Coelho, after he managed to increase sales of his books in Russia from 1000 a year to million a year, thanks to releasing them to bittorrent.

Nowadays he first releases his books in bittorrent and then in print. He says because he can’t admit that he does this, he asks to check translation and then puts them on bittorrent. He spends three hours daily to communicate with his readers in Facebook, post to MySpace, photos to Flickr etc. He is just awesome, I always loved his books, I don’t know how many times I read Alchemist, but this shows that he is practicing principles of alchemy in his daily life and it is just refreshing to hear him talk about his work and his little mischief.

Article on TorrentFreak about his site. His weblog and site where you can download his books.


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