About RIA, Adobe and Microsoft

I just finished reading article in eWeek “RIA competition heats up” which describes current developments in both Adobe and Microsoft camps. Very interesting read. Today also S.Jobs of Apple said that Flash is just not good enough for iPhone. Which of course is ridiculous, it might be that iPhone can’t handle it. Anyway back to two main RIA technologies.

Adobe has huge advantage, yet I have impression that it will not be long when Microsoft will catch up and became preferred with it’s offering. AIR is extremely impressive and this is probably the best thing Adobe did in a while. However, just being able to use Ruby and Python to develop rich internet apps, as opposed to still fairly clunky script Flex has is huge distinction. Flex really is nice until you get into scripting, then things turn ugly. Compare this to elegance of Ruby or Python, even VB is 100 times better.

One strong point for MS is that it caters to developers and since decisions will be made by preference of developers, and it looks to me that we might see a lot of Silverlight development in the future. Move to support Linux from the start is also excellent, Adobe while always saying it will, either has problems providing Linux versions and was always fairly slow to do this.

I am really excited to see what will MS do, and frankly it was about time someone gives Flash some decent competition. It will shake things up a little in Adobe.

Of course we here at Dakic OnLine will not be shy to use both technologies in our development. I am looking for excuse to make minor AIR app just for kicks and also am looking at Silverlight and what can be done with that.


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