Emergent Design in software development

To counter this April fools stupidity, I picked up very good book to read. I just started but so far I am impressed with how smart the book is (it is written of course).

Here is one story from the book, author recollects how he caught himself trying to find a bug in the software. Then in good NLP fashion started thinking about what he is saying by this. If he is trying to find it, who put it there?

Then he expands on whole software development process and argues that software development is just part of overall product development which was not considered before.

Without repeating what I read there (again I just started), it is very smartly written book, it offers fresh perspective on profession of software development.

Here are some url’s:

http://www.netobjectives.com/ main website

Hour long webinar about Emergent Design

Anyway, back to reading the book, this should be enough for those interested to start reading.


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