Google App Engine


Google Introduction of AppEngine

This was something I expected some time and it is finally here. I thought Amazon as a leader might do something like this but Google beat them to it. Google released virtual and distributed environment for web apps. I am still looking at presentation and it is impressive. This will solve one of great problems in deployment of web applications and provide even more level playing field for everyone.

It is really impressive that you can write, test and post your app and it will became available instantly. One great feature is that data schema will also be instantly available, no updating or anything like that.

From the demo, I could see that what they wrote might be somewhat clunky, but then they say you can start using Django instantly.

Oh yes,  at the moment they are supporting Python but other languages are supposedly getting ready. Ruby comes to mind instantly and that will be a big hit for sure. However I am sure that some more obscure languages might get good exposure this way as well and provide a lot of fun for developers. I would think that if they supported PHP it should be totally crazy. Also Perl people would get their kick to see their favorite language supported. Well, let’s see what will happen.

I am excited with this development and when I get my hands on demo account I will be sure to try it out.


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