Git, a new SCM of choice for Rails

I am a little late talking about this but it is worth mentioning it. Git is a versioning system used for linux development, newly developed to facilitate easier and more seamless colaboration. It is adopted by Rails core team, with a lot of complains from rails contributors, specially ones who are using windows. I tried Git a while back and I can understand arguments that SVN is working fine and there is really very little incentive to move. On windows we have neat shell integration with TortoiseSVN, also IDE’s like Aptana natively support SVN. So developers will be reluctant to abandon all this goodies in favor of command line which users of OSX and Linux are forced to use.

Git on the other hand have attractive features, I didn’t use it that much to get overly excited, but I don’t see any issue using it, specially if it makes seamless branching and merging. I have it installed but all my projects will stay in SVN for near future. Seems that instead of Git I am writing more about how SVN is OK. One thing to note is that new service is providing hosting of projects developed using this SCM. This is good for bigger projects, I don’t see myself using it as I find easier to set it on my internal servers and not having any limitation or think about payments and such things. They do offer additional services but again I don’t see myself using this, others might find it useful.

For same reason I upgraded to Vista, we should start using Git, it is the future and no point in resisting that. Also as technology professional with company that prouds itself with using latest and best tools, I feel the need to try and work with latest tools and follow trends.



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