Getting new machine

My desktop machine started dying on monday this week. It was due for upgrade for some time, but since it worked fairly well, there was not good reason to upgrade, yet I started thinking about it. Usually getting new machine is exciting, yet I didn’t feel I should write something here when I got new laptop for example, even though it was exciting and it exceeded my expectations.

This time it was different mostly because once it died, I went to MicroCenter and started picking components. Previous machine was custom built but this time I went all the way by picking components and assembiling them myself. It was a lot of fun. I went slowly to get everything right, cables inside are mostly well organized. It was pleasant surprise when I discovered that I got better processor then I bought, it seems that in the bundle I bought someone put much faster processor. I bought Q6600 and got Q6700, difference is not that small between them. Anyway, I spent time to make sure everything falls into place.

One thing though. Whoever wants to downgrade from Vista to XP, rare exceptions with really legitimate grievances excepted, is insane. However great in it’s time, XP is outdated. Just a thought of returning to it made me say ‘owww’. I couldn’t install XP because I bought one of those fast Raptor HD’s for primary drive to speed things up. I tried endlessly, I thought something was wrong with my CD. I could install Suse Linux, I could install FreeDos (I needed something to format HD). BTW, Novell did awesome job on Suse, it recognized well everything first time. XP just couldn’t work with this drive even though it is regular HD like everything else. So in the end I installed Vista directly with a little juggling with CD’s and DVD’s. It is blazingly FAST! It is almost ridiculous how fast it is! Not that I didn’t put everything good inside the case :).

Install of core system went without a hitch and now I am adding sw slowly. I am overjoyed with new system, it works great.


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