Google Apps

Since our hosting offered linking google apps to our domain, I figured this is neat and to take a plunge. Mostly I already like google docs and figured if I switch to google mail it would be more reliable. If I ever hook to google calendar it would be neat.

First thing I tried was ‘Start Page’, Boy this is horrible app, how did they managed to let this released is beyond me. I guess I never really looked at it, but now that I did I am in complete amazement how horrible it is. It has a lot of babe modules, other than that, everything else is pretty much bad as can be. How can same company create Docs and GMail is total mystery to me. At least they could buy netvibes or some other similar startup, but frankly it looks like app that someone would hack during day or two. And that one wouldn’t be really talented.

I will see how things will work with gmail and docs which are main reasons for me installing it. If they show any issues, I think I might switch back as quickly.


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