AppEngine II

It seems I write quite a bit about google related items :). Weeell…

I finally started testing and trying out AppEngine. Initially it looks really clunky. While going through the demo it had html embedded in the code, I almost dropped whole thing when on next page they introduced templates. Also it seems that using Django wouldn’t be an issue. So far I have very positive experience and even though Google framework is unstructured, I think it can be used for smaller apps.

I did try to use one external lib and things didn’t work out.

For me just idea that you don’t have to do anything about db, about hosting, about anything else, but just write code, it is amazing and in the long run it might save a lot of time. I have to think about demo app to create, actually I would like to create feed aggregator but this lib isn’t working so I have to resolve this first.

Very positive so far. It is not rails of course and I can see how a lot of things could be simplified.


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