Using Enso

Dakic OnLine is fairly close to Humanized offices. They are really neat small company. Their Humanized Reader is totally awesome. I wanted to try their Enso again and see if I could be more productive with it, as developer I use keyboard for extensive amounts of time, so if I could avoid using mouse at certain intervals when I am working, most likely would be good for concentration.

I gave Enso a whirl but I didn’t like it. It is really neat idea, however there are details that prevents it to be actually productive. Having to hold capslock is too much. It can only do basic stuff which I am not overly impressed with. I don’t know how this happened but I remember seeing their presentation in the past and was really impressed with it. It seems it can just remember shortcuts to files and open websites.

I think there is potential to make really useful command line tool, but unfortunately Enso is not it.

Update: while trying to find uninstall option I came across setting that would not make you hold on to capslock. It is nice but again, I think Enso should be able to do more. For example, I write this post in Windows Live Writer, I can’t figure out how to teach Enso to open it (without going into explorer and open startup items… etc, etc)


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