Working with us is genuinely good for the environment

Everyone is trying to be green, to offer less impact or more recycle. I just went to change the oil in my car and realized that we probably kick ass and can wipe the floor with all those companies.

It has been 6 months since I changed the oil, and if there was not that trip to Atlanta, who knows when it would be due. I work from my home office, meet clients and discuss projects and requirements using IM or email. When I go downtown I take the EL. All machines (and there are quite a bit of them) hibernate and turn themselves off automatically. Paper that I bought who knows when is barely spent as most of our documents starts and ends on the screen.

I could improve if I could stop that junk mail coming, that is more paper in a week than what we use in a month or more (probably more). Also you could say that I would save if I would get rid of my car and use ZipCar which I am very fond of, but I can’t do that because I need for my son Vuk (carseat, doctors appointments etc).

So here you have company that uses latest and greatest technology and doesn’t need to wreck the environment to do this. How awesome is that.

One more point, my ‘Recycle Bin’ is emptied regularly.

I write this because I believe that most of the commute is not really necessary, a lot can be done with tele-presence and using internet and awesome web2.0 services is a lot of fun and good for the environment too.


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