Google Apps – only for simple and small

I am really excited by prospect of Google App Engine and what they are bringing. As soon as they were announced I jumped on it and applied for developer account. I got it a little later then I was expecting but I did got it. Now I figured it is time to give it a whirl, after making a helloworld and guestbook app.

So I set myself to do few experiments to make sure I can actually make app that I planned and then went on to do it. Huh. Well, you can make apps, just it is not really that great experience. At first I thought it is just Python which I didn’t use for very long time, so all I need is to get used to it. Not quite.

While benefits are great and obvious, there are things that annoy you from the start. Google framework (which I consider graceful for using term Framework for this) is bare bones as can be. I feel sorry for people who work at Google and have to use it. All the goodies that developers are used to are not present, there is a templating and works nice, but it is like someone dumped smarty on you and you need to figure out everything, even less. I would like to have some form of organization of my code and I would like productivity tools. Also I would like to have to type less :).

What annoys me most is that you can’t organize your pages in controllers, but each page (let’s call them pages) is a class. You could say that I should just accept it but it is just counter-intuitive and Java like where you have to do things that are totally crazy just because.

I will continue for little more just to get myself more accustomed to this obviously important way for apps to be developed and deployed, but it looks at the moment that I will abandon it and go to lovely Rails and pretty PHP/CI even if they don’t scale or deploy that easily.


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