About InstantRails

Since Rails started, InstantRails was really super easy way to get yourself up to speed. When I want to continue to work on the project on new laptop, just download InstantRails and check out project from svn, run migrations and that is it.

Now I realized, however that might sound strange, I don’t need InstantRails any more. Changes made in Rails make sqlite default db, which for development it everything needed and mysql can run on the production on staging server. These changes existed for a while, just I guess I had my way of doing things and didn’t bother to change. In fact, as much as I was early adopter of Rails, I have to admit that this fact haunted me quite a bit because I got used to things now obsolete.

Now this doesn’t mean that InstantRails is totally obsolete but it does remove previous need to have it in order to start. Also it is nice to have same or almost the same (mysql/apache) environment to where you will deploy your app, if you want to update .htaccess files and such.


One thought on “About InstantRails

  1. Zeljko Dakic July 23, 2008 / 8:53 pm

    Update on this glorifying of sqlite. It is neat thing but I just spent too much time trying to figure out why it doesn’t want to work, so it sucks for me. MySQL is the king again.

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