Command line for the web

Mozilla released 0.1 or very early preview of project Ubiquity. As you know I recently tried with not much success Humanized Enso as a way to improve my productivity. It just didn’t work for me and it was obvious immediately. I know why it didn’t work but it seems that project was abandoned anyway so I will not go into details. I wanted to try ActiveWords, app I heard very good things about. Then I read about this and figured why not give it a try. I read through short tutorial, checked how I can write my own commands, and tried it out. First it is really strange to have this thing in the browser, but I really use it quite a bit already even though I don’t use more then few commands. As far as I am concerned, I am sold on this and I am using it quite a bit and can see myself using it more. First, when I learn about something new, usually I already have browser open, so I can twit about it easily. Other commands are also just as easy and it is very easy to start and use it. I didn’t have success sending email like it was demoed, nor any of my contacts were recognized, but I am not bothered by that much.

One thing I would like to have, which is kind of lame, is . I do have button in the browser already, just I need to reach for the mouse and click. There is probably a shortcut, just I didn’t learn it and this if it wants to be a command line for the web should do this.

Also one more thing, it should be available when focus is not on the browser.

With these few tweaks, I see this as very successful app that would make more websites adopt micro-formats (they are required for commands to work). I don’t see this as taking over and totally changing how we browse (there were some comments like that), but it can distinguish us, cool dudes who can tweak things, over lame masses who up till recently used AOL and thought that this is the internets.


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