Chrome, my experience with new google browser

Two days ago Google came up with it’s new browser with rather weird name Chrome. Reviews of it were so many that it filled a page on techmeme.

I will not go into technical details as those are covered and more then covered in blogs and news sites across the web. I will talk about my personal experience with it.

I love the interface. There isn’t that much new there and most of it is inspired by most innovative browsers Opera and Firefox. Still tweaks that google made with reduction of clutter in the window and letting page cover almost whole window is really good.

I like the fact that it is open source, this will help spread the innovations made to other projects. It is very fast for most part. It did hang few times, specially when network connections were clogged (me like torrents very much), which is probably a bug since it should be more asynchronous. Overall, if they polish out the kinks, I can see myself using it and enjoying it. Most of it is already available in Opera, including speed, but most people unfortunately are not aware of this browser.

I don’t like how they do zoom, it works similar to IE, it increases text size, but not the images. This is show stopper for me as I tend to browse pages from the distance and need that feature. Opera and Firefox have that really well done.

I miss my firefox extensions, I think firefox is worth using just for the way it is connected to the internet with extensions.

So nice start, Google docs really work much faster there, but other sites tend to freeze on occasions and if I click to open in new window, that also freezes everything.

Also big issue is that pressing middle button on the mouse doesn’t produce 4-way scroll (that is windows function that they disabled).

Once novelty wears off, those things better be working.

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