Being Productive Programmer makes your Windows fast

I’ve been reading ‘Productive Programmer’ from O’Reilly and in the book there are tools and tweaks that make developers productive. While most of those I know, it kind of reminded me to use some of them and to give them another shot.

One of those tools is Virtual Desktops for Vista. I used one from SysInternals, however doing a search I see that there is another app which also does the same on CodePlex site. And another and another. OK links to those in the end of the post.

So the thing is, not only that I am more productive, but Windows works much and notably faster (I have two monitors, so there are 4 desktops with 2 monitors). This is most likely due to each desktop having their own explorer instance, which does have some limits in terms of moving apps between them but apparently makes things much speedier. Now I have Linux in one of them through VMWare, one is for ‘social’ apps, one is for reading and one is for working. Great thing is that this doesn’t hog memory.

Here is link to app I am using:

Here are Virtual Desktop managers I was able to find:

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