Chicago Rails conference

Chicago WindyCityRails conference was held last saturday in main building in IIT campus. It was really nice to get together with other developers, thinkers and tinkerers for a day and focus on all things Rails. Organization was good and all kudos to people from Chicago Ruby group that organized it. They got good presenters to show and talk Rails. It was really good opportunity to see what people are doing and thinking in relaxed atmosphere.

This is first time this conference was held and there were few things that were not quite as good. Some of presenters were not prepared, one of the most disappointing presentations was about RSpec and BDD by David Chelimsky . I was looking forward to this and to learn a little more about RSpec with which I am familiar but not as much as I would like to be. All started well, I learned how BDD started and… then we ran out of time ?! Then David skipped several slides and mumbled few things, let some code run on the screen and that was it. To my surprise he even got applause in the end. I guess this was more for his overall work then for this presentation. This wouldn’t be so bad if this was inexperienced presenter but he doesn’t seem to be.

Anyway, aside from these small imperfections, things were really nice. I enjoyed Micah Martins presentation of LimeLight, I wished he could show us more. Also one of the sponsors showed their service in very brief and effective presentation. In fact they convinced me to find excuse to try out their service.

Overall it was good and I am looking forward for next year. Also I will see to prepare something for next conference as I felt that there were more to Rails than what was presented, but it shows interests of the presenters.

Again thanks for preparing this conference to Chicago Ruby group.


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