Short glance at mvc or future of

I’ve been aware of mvc for some time now. I avoided it for few reasons, first it was not complete, but that wouldn’t stop me before. Secondly, it was C# exclusively, I prefer to take .Net in VB variant and I figured if Microsoft would take it so far to make it just C#, I might not want to learn about it. There is this thing about c# in MS where they think they are better developers or something…

Anyway. Since I did peek at C# version, I think this newer release ‘Preview 5’ is much more simpler and easier to work with. A lot of improvements can be seen. All the good things about MVC are exposed and I get impression that all the good things about are made available as well. I am totally ready to use it for projects and development, if I could just find a client to volunteer.

It is inspired by RoR and that is totally cool with me (RoR didn’t invent MVC, in fact I think Cold Fusion Fusebox was one of the first good takes on that but that is another story). I wouldn’t mind if they could pick more from RoR like migrations, but what is there already is fine and more then enough for work.

Testing is there, I didn’t try it but it seems to be pretty much standard thing and that is great, it is probably the first time this is the case in Microsoft product.

I am sure this is just the beginning of really great framework and I personally am looking forward to use it in my work.


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