Ubuntu 8.10 finally at my desktop

Huh. What a day. In the past I went through 3 machines and on this last one, this newest Ubuntu is the first one that would install and actually work. Reluctantly though. It didn’t really want to install, I have two graphics cards for two monitors, that confuses it enough that single one will not work.

I was getting ready to give up. I used ubuntu on laptop and this seems to be easier venue to install, however desktop was a pain to set up. I ended up using it in virtual machine mode, which does work. Using it like that I always feel like I am missing on something. After all, desktop machines are the ones that have power and I wanted to be able to have ubuntu here. I didn’t want to go into 1001 detail why it wouldn’t install at all (AMD machine) or would install but wouldn’t work in graphic mode.

In the end this is what I did because it looked I am almost there. After install I was dumped in text mode because it couldn’t figure out how to use graphics. Now that it works, it really works very nice, however second monitor is like second machine, I can’t move window there nor use it in any meaningful way.

So it finally works, once things are set, it is really pleasant experience. There are issues everywhere, sounds is barely heard even though I cranked everything up.

So now that , not quite everything works, but it works enough, I can say that I enjoy setting shortcuts. Multiple desktop environments are really nice. With installing Komodo Edit, I can do most of development here without too much sweat. Which is really nice.


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