Switching to Zoho

Zoho App Suite Rocks, Google Docs Sucks.

This is realization that I got after using Google Docs for quite a bit of time and after using Zoho for short while.

First and painful issue is that GDocs sheets after download are not compatible with Excel and formulas (very simple ones) don’t work. This is major issue to me.

Secondly, after using Zoho for just a brief period of time, I get a feeling that I can really use it for work and not worry over files. It is really well integrated, I am enjoying using it quite a bit, and pain and struggle to use it are rarely present. While I had to make myself use GDocs, I don’t feel any effort to use Zoho and learning just a little about it I was able to add Facebook, Del.icio.us, Twitter and Blog to apps. How cool is that.


One thought on “Switching to Zoho

  1. Zeljko Dakic December 6, 2008 / 6:53 pm

    This post is written within the Zoho Personal.

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