Getting productive

There is a new magazine on productivity, it is online only and you download it in PDF and print it or read it off the screen.

I bookmarked it few days ago but just got around to actually read it. No first issue should be without interview with David Allen of ‘Getting Things Done’ fame, so here it starts with him. To my surprise rest is also very good and I found quite a bit of interesting things to read.

Since I printed it, I found that format is also very convenient for reading, as articles span one or more pages, but don’t cross pages, so if you want to keep something, just keep those pages of the article. Also they can be rearranged if you like that. I find this extremely convenient, specially because I can toss rest and just keep the good stuff for reference later.

Right now I am busy adopting some of the practices I re-learned from the magazine (I kind of knew them but newer really applied them, so…).


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