Rails and Merb together in the future = R++

Rails and Merb projects decided to merge and create a powerful foundation for the future together, as of Rails 3.0 Merb will be integrated into the code and bring numerous benefits and performance improvements.

This is fantastic news for whole Ruby development ecosustem. Merging this two projects together and focusing efforts better will bring huge benefits but this is also one of those heartwarming things that people in Ruby community known for common sense approach decided that those projects have enough in common to be better off working together.

Most people read this news in total disbelief. I don’t think I read single negative reaction nor I would expect that there would be. This is awesome news and one more proof that Ruby people do things differently. I can’t wait to get my hands on Rails 3.

Merb gets merged into Rails 3!

I would like to congratulate both teams on important and fantastic decision.


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