T-Shirt strategy and netbooks

So the T-Shirt strategy goes like this:

* should I buy one really expensive t-shirt, which looks really good at the price of approximately $100-150 like my friend Milan does, then wear it most of the time, or

* should I buy several t-shirts in multiple colors and variations, also good looking, spending similar amount (sometime less, sometime a little more), allowing myself to change them frequently and also not be upset if one gets stained, dirty or whatever else might happen.

As far as t-shirts go, I tend to opt for second alternative as I think it is better to have variety as opposed to really expensive brand. In most cases quality difference is not that great (it at all).

Usually I could apply similar strategy in many situations, sometimes buying something more expensive is good option, I like a little more expensive notebooks (paper based) and pens.

I’ve been wondering what would be good choice when it comes to portable laptop. Here is how I see things there:

* should I buy one light and totally cool laptop like sony’s 13”, or apple or something similar, they are priced at $1300, or

* should I buy one good netbook, like Samsung NC110, or EEE 10”, HP or something similar, which is around $500. There are numerous benefits of this choice, better battery life (7+ hours), even lighter, I can buy one more by year end etc.

Mostly I am unsure because on one side you have not overly expensive 13” which have wow factor. And then you have those other machines that are really practical. Yet I think if you would like to write code, you can do this easily with first choice, while second one is more for twittering, blogging etc.

One thing is for sure, since things can only get better over time, I can take my time picking and choosing.


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