Enterpreneur visa

Paul Graham came up with really brilliant idea that is simple, costs nothing and can only do good. Only risk is whether it will do more or less good. Full article is here.

In short his idea is to create a new visa, which would allow anyone who can assemble small founding team and can find investor willing to invest in their idea, get visa to come to US and start a company. Nature of visa would be such that they can’t work for other people. So, worst thing that can happen is that number of created jobs is not as big as expected. He does put a limit on 10000 people, in my view, provided there is no abuse of the program, I would let even more people come here. It is simple, powerful and effective way to let best people come here, as opposed to programs that are now run which I don’t think bring as good people as they could.

It would also let people from other countries who desire coming here and maybe have some idealistic visions, get a taste of life in US and whether this is really what they thought it is, and decide if they really want to live here.

I am a little worried because however simple and clear his idea, politicians have a way to muddle the most clear idea and make it weird and awkward. I can only hope someone in power gets interest in this idea.


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