Customizing Visual Studio looks

I’ve been tinkering with colors and font sizes in VS for a while. This is mostly because I have copy on desktop and laptop, so when I move from one to another, I discover things look different then what I was used to. Anyhow, the way I like things is Consolas font, with size 12-ish or so.

Today it crossed my mind to google and see if there are already premade dark settings for Visual Studio. It turns out there is and there are few quite good ones.

First I came across recommendation to try to use Insolsolata font, which I tried enthusiastically. Unfortunately, it gets rendered crappy, so I had to abandon it. It squishes text quite a bit, which I can understand why some people might like. So I am back to Consolas and this is very solid choice, I was happy to change to it in all my code editors.

As for themes, I did originally wanted dark background but I found Tanzim Saqib’s choice really pleasant and to my taste.


There are also good links on Scott Hanselman post and I like Brad’s Dark Theme as well, so when I feel like change I can always switch to that.

Oh, yes, it is worth mentioning that you update these settings by using import/export settings option from tools menu (kind of lame not to have theme option in VS)


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