Upgrading to Win7

Today I took a plunge and went ahead to get Win7 early. Thing is that however nice Win7 is, it doesn’t really bring that much in terms of innovation, frankly I was considering not spending the money if it is $200, especially because we don’t have one, but 4 win machines. So being early I got it at barely acceptable price of $100 per upgrade (professional). Now just to wait till October. I do have evaluation copy installed, in fact I am writing this from win7. It is very nice and pleasant operating system. I wish few more things were present that can be found standard in Linux for example, like more visual themes, virtual desktops (a must) to name the few. I did get all that already but with third party additions, I will write about that in seperate blog post.

I wish MS would sell and upgrade OS like Apple does, I don’t know who doesn’t have multiple computers and providing family packs is good way to go about it. Plus it is cheap, even though they take more money from each person then MS because they release every year. That would be fine with me. I heard some rumors that MS will offer family pack but it was not available at the moment and I am pretty certain I wouldn’t pay $200 for upgrade, so I took what was available instead of waiting for something uncertain.

Can’t wait to get my hands on it because I plan to do a lot of customizations and knowing I will upgrade to Win7 kind of stops me from doing major things.


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