Oh, Google OS

Oh boy what excitement Google announcement created. They will create a browser OS?! And this is somehow special and unique (InstantOn anyone?). Mike Arrington is up in flames posting on tech crunch. He can already see his CrunchPad running with beautiful new OS.

As always I am skeptical. For start the most important reason is:


It is not typical of Google not to show a thing. I suspect that what they have is not that big deal and if they shown it people would be disappointed. With Wave they had unfinished product yet it didn’t prevent anyone to admire it even when it crashes, because it is unique and beautiful.

Secondly they will run browser on top of reduced Linux. So Debian with few Google tweaks, how is that special in any way? I am surprised we didn’t see more solutions like that already. There are few InstantOn OS’es that  are like that but most of them cost money, and this will be free? Ubuntu Remix is free.

My only concern is whether you can run Skype on this thing. Maybe I am not as excited over it as Mike Arrington, but I can see myself using CrunchPad in the future with browser on top, Google or not.


I’ve been following TechCrunch as they seem perfect recepient of the googleness of GOS, seems that after initial hype they are coming to see the reality, which is still very good, just not as paradigm shifting as thought initially. Josh Bigs explains.

“ChromeOS will beat Windows or even OS X is like expecting Coby to come up behind Sony and Samsung next year…”


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