A lot had happened in the meantime, I’ve been doing a lot of awesome stuff, some stupid stuff as well. Since I was mentioning that I have big man-crush on Tony Hsei, I have to say that in the meantime I managed to meet him, introduce myself and express how grateful I am for him being my inspiration. He is as cool as I imagined him. Maybe by the time he builds his Vegas Paradise, I will have something lined up and move there… not likely :).

Chicago weather is awesome these days, it is like summer, we had 30 C yesterday and it is middle of March.

If it isn’t obvious, I intend to rant quite a bit here from now on, mostly inspired and nudged by my friend Tomas Ordonez. Who, would you believe, just applied to be Excelerated into proper enterpreneur and business man, like he isn’t one already.

What else, I am very much into prototyping lately, I always was big on that, but lately I feel like I don’t want to compromise on that any more. I intend to make next post a little about that.


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