My thoughts on Windows 8

I’ve used Windows in the past quite a bit, lately I have to say, I am using mostly OSX in past few years. It is professional requirement and it’s been fun to use macs frankly. OSX is good for work, however for fun, you have to have Windows machine.

I expect new Windows to be huge, it will have an uphill battle as there are a lot of detractors, but since it is the future of how interfaces will be, I believe people will use it and like it.

My personal experience with it, was very interesting, what I liked about interface is that it helps you focus on task at hand, it doesn’t distract you too much with im’s and other windows. That alone is worth a lot.

Another thing is touch. I wasn’t sure how that will play until I went with my son to Microcenter the other day. He couldn’t let his hands off new Lenovo desktops. This thing has beautiful 27″ touch aware monitor. You could open Paint and it would register each of your fingers, which is awesome. They look amazing and I am genuinely tempted, especially seeing how my kids liked it, however, I am kind of guy who assembles his own machines, so however beautiful new Lenovo’s are, we will have to build our new machine ourselves.

Aside from Lenovo, I think there will be a lot of issues with Windows, I’ve seen Acer announcements and machines they offered are so unimaginative that there is no way people will buy that crap. I suspect other manufacturers will follow with equally unimaginative solutions, so it will take a while until we get more decent machines that run win8.

I believe touch will redefine how we interact with computers and there will be a lot of changes, which will be both frustrating and wonderful at the same time.

For example, I loved ipad, it was something I believed should be made long time ago, yet I didn’t understand the power of it until I saw my kids playing with it. Now, it is expensive toy and they do bang on it quite a bit, but it is also engaging educational tool unlike anything else. I believe new Windows with a little luck will be like that.

Here is what I see going for it. First they really made new interface fresh, it is well made, a lot of kinks to be worked out, but potential is there. Microsoft is company always focused on developers and with tools that surpass those avalable on other platforms. If it is true that native apps will have to be built, MS is in better position as Visual Studio makes building apps super easy.


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