Ubuntu – all the missed chances

If God existed, we would all be using lovely open source operating system called Linux. And we would be happy ever after. Unfortunatelly, there are those evil corporations that want to make us dependent on them.

What is really sad in this situation is that Linux and Ubuntu as one of better representatives of it makes it so easy. My main reason for writing this rant is that there is not a major distribution of linux that is geared towards developers! How weird is that?

Why do I, as a developer have to spend time installing and figuring out all the kinks (each time) when I have to use ruby or python or php. Gvim is not installed by default, hell, vim is not installed by default, let alone some version that is half-way configured.

Then when you start, you don’t get some developer friendly super productive environment, you get an environment that tries to mimic windows in the past and OSX now. Are developers really that unimaginative (this is rethorical question, you have to be creative and smart to write code by default)?

Only distribution that somehow is breaking this pattern is ArchLinux, unfortunatelly, as much as I agree with goals of this distribution, I didn’t have much luck using it, as it would break very easily and fixing it… well it takes time that I don’t have.

Here is what I would like. Simple distribution with latest packages, I want to be able to use java (if possible), ruby, python, mono, php, perl. All latest version, even for python. Let me have working nginx with wiki installed and maybe some other tools. Let me start in gui but with terminal taking whole screen. Give me some productivity apps as well. No need for office suite, thank you very much, I can always install one if I need it. Oh yes, please make sure git is installed as well as ack and other tools that make life easier. Zsh by default would be totally fine. Vim and emacs has to be present otherwise it is not developer distribution. Is this too hard to make?
I think any developer would agree that he would use such configuration and maintaining it shouldn’t be such a chore. I would start this project, but I am afraid that I don’t have the skills for it.


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