ActionMethod update

I have update on my previous post about ActionMethod. TL;DR I use orange to mark in progress actions.

A lot of people suggested other tools that would somehow help me better. I appreciate all sugestions sent and all of them were good. While some have some of the aspects better, Omnifocus, Things, they are bound to Mac platform and it is always better to have your actionable items with you everywhere. Also I’ve seen those tools and tried them long time ago. If I would pick one, I would take HitList as great tool and while using it, I remember I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I don’t believe it is a to-do manager I need, ActionMethod is a tiny bit more which is why it is so valuable to me.

Issue I had with ability to mark actions that are in progress or the ones I would like to do next or in immediate future, I resolved. ActionMethod has three colors to mark your actions. I started using orange to mark things that are either in progress or I plan to do soon. I’ve been doing this for few days already and it seems to be working well.

I wish they would address that, also, my critique of ipad app stands, they can do much better.

One last, very important thing. You should not jump from tool to tool and always get next shiny thing. I managed to do quite a bit of really good work using actionmethod and I will continue to do so. I wish it would expand in parts that would help me with planning, but I will not go on and create another to-do app :), that is for sure, I have better things to do.


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