Celebrating Failure is Wrong

Enterpreneurs, especially wanna-be ones, as well as first time startup hot heads often will promote this as a way of encouraging themselves in the face of failure: “It is OK to fail, we learned a lot”

If you are doing a startup, or starting any business, you want to succeed and you want that badly. Also, you should learn everything possible to make this true. It will never and I will repeat this, It WILL NEVER BE OK TO FAIL. You will fail and you should pick it up and try again, but you should never think that it is OK to fail.

Steve Blank and Eric Ries don’t say that it is OK to fail, on the contrary, they want you to use systemic process in order for you not to fail. Being organized and having systems in place, kind of going back to my previous posts about ActionMethod and Behance, these things are super important to get you to a point of success.

Don’t be fooled, even with all their wisdom you and I will fail, a lot. I learned to embrace the risk over the years, this doesn’t mean I will ever think it is OK to fail. And you know what, if I am doing it with my own money and time, it can be OK. If I take moneyz from other people… well, I am failing myself and I am failing them.

Richard Bandler would say, thank you but I pick to be successful, let other people fail.

It is never OK, it is time and effort wasted. If you see that your project is not going the way it should, do your best, but cut your losses if things don’t go well.

Anyhow I felt a need to ge tthis off my chest.


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