About Me And What I Do

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Hey there,

my name is Zeljko Dakic (Zh-e-l-k-o D-a-k-i-ch). I am software developer with focus on web applications with ruby and javascript. I am partner at Dakic OnLine.

Special shoutout to Scott Hanselman for making me put a picture of me smiling on every social account.

Dakic OnLine is expression of my idea of work, application of knowledge and best practices, also place where I can do all the things I couldn’t while working elsewhere.  It is a great fun to be able to organize your life and work, choose what and with whom to work. I would love to say that I figured all the kinks and wrinkles, but it is a process and journey and we are working on it.

My idea is to post here my views on software development, organization of software and talk about my daily challenges as I face them.

I enjoy discovering new things in programming. I also like a lot of other things that will not be covered here and it is OK. I do like Sci-Fi a lot, pens and pencils and fancy notebooks. I have 3 kids that take quite a bit of my time as well and things they like are important to me as well.