Writing smart software

It was always my idea and aim to make software that will be smart and will respond naturally to what is user doing or wanting to do. This of course is not easy but it is possible to accomplish, it just takes a lot of work and tweaking.

One thing I do is, constantly thinking of improvements and how we can do things better. There is quite a bit of those things that we can do better. We recently put an ad on few places on the net. People are coming to our lovely designed http://www.dakic.com and… frankly I have no idea what they are thinking, I kind of know what they are doing, they seem to be very much interested in our site because they visit several pages and spend some time reading them. Also, when they visit us, site is kind of staring at them blankly. I wanted to change that¬† and liven things a little.
Since most of them don’t call, or send us email, so I really don’t know what they are thinking. Those who do, I know they like our website quite a bit. It might be that we are not getting clients because our site might look too good to them and intimidate them. I would like to reach out to more people and hear more feedback if possible. So it got me thinking. Our website is already smart to know where people are coming from and based on that it will show them different pages or sections. However we could do better.

What I did today is make it respond to visitors coming from specific directory with welcome and message that says that we are good at what they were searching for. I tested sentence on queries and looks very good, you would never guess. In demo mode I had a lot of fun inserting different keywords. This message shows for brief moment and then disappears so everything is like it was before, except we are greeting visitors to out site.

I didn’t add this, but I might, some people are coming from some ridiculous machines 800×600 resolution, I might want to redirect them to specific page, maybe ask them who they are. Unless they are coming from smart phones, we really wouldn’t like to deal with anyone with such outdated machine.

What I realized from this is that with a little more work to make websites smarter and more responsive, I expect to get much more positive experience for our visitors and also I might hear from them more often.

Frankly, most of the sites just stare blankly at you when you visit them. http://www.dakic.com will not be like that.  I can imagine that such upgrade I just did could be very useful to ecommerce sites and could help them increase return on their ad spending.


HTML5 Styles

I follow Ajaxian blog and they posted very interesting thing today. It turns out you can do very cool styling of your elements in new browser that I and most likely other developers might not be aware of.

I will borrow the code from their site:

<style>blah { color: red; }</style> 

Now, from article this code should work in IE, and it does, it produces red Hello. However, just out of curiosity I wanted to see if it might work in Firefox and Opera. I figured it will not work in Opera, so I started it first and surprise, surprise, it does. Then I tried Firefox and it works there as well.

I have to research this a little bit more to understand it better, but this looks cool to me. Since it works in current versions of major browser, it is good for me to use on my projects.