New WordPress 2.5

New WordPress is out. Download it here. It is obvious that they spent a lot of effort to make it more easy to use. New admin interface is really good, I was used to old one but I can see how this one can help new and inexperienced blogger find things.

Lame attacks on WordPress from TypePad? founder just show how out of touch someone can be. WordPress is currently the best platform for personal publishing,period.

We at Dakic OnLine, love to use WP to produce websites, it gives better functionality and more power to our clients. It is not for every site, but quite often it is great choice. Just recently we made , which is still on old version, however I have one new site almost done and I used RC something version which was upgraded to full version seamlessly. I will not tell url because it is not done completely. I can only say that it works great, new interface is well organized and also version 2.5 works with plugins I used well.


Gallery of great looking websites – update

End of month is coming near and I am in a hurry to finish up. I came up with some creative ideas on how to make site, so far I am pleased to use Drupal instead of programming everything on my own. Not that it was hard, but it just does so much more.
I have over twenty different candidates for domain name but I still didn’t pick one yet.

Gallery of great looking websites

I’ve been planning for quite a long time to make this site. I don’t know why I didn’t do earlier, but I didn’t. Now it is work in progress, it is going quite well. I got to v0.1, my internal plan is to release it on v0.5. Each of course is an iteration with few features.

This is a site that will feature great design. I know that there are sites like this already, but they are not exactly what I want to make, hence this site. I think this will be awesome resource for webmasters and specially for web designers and design firms to promote good, quality work.

Internal plan is to release it on 29th of february. So I need to hurry up.

Site asĀ  such is not overly complicated, but I have clear idea what needs to be where and this nitpicking tends to slow things down.

Dakic OnLine site refreshed

Our corporate site Dakic OnLine at has been upgraded and refreshed. We were working last few days on it, mostly on the content part as Emil already provided all the creative bits. I am not completely done with content and I suspect it will be more additions in the future but I wanted to put enough to give visitors of our site better idea what kind of services we are providing. New section ‘Solutions’ is aimed at that.

I also would like to emphasize how pleasurable it was to write content after Emil did all the CSS  and made everything ready. Please feel free to check the source and you will discover neat and tidy html all over. This is more exception than the rule to have good html under website hoods.

While I was writing this, site was uploading, now it is uploaded and …. I am hitting refresh, it is LIVE !

Learning From Others

We had our slightly updated site ready for some time now. Actually what was ready is expanded navigation with more options so that I can expand more on services and solutions we are offering. Our site is informative already but I always felt the need to explain better what kind of solutions we are providing, which should help potential client get better idea of what they can ask from us.

I started to work on copy about our solutions, when I realized that I didn’t check what other similar companies are saying, maybe it can give me better idea on what I should write. And it did, I didn’t change drastically solutions we offer, but I just realized how important it is to present them well. Most importantly I got few hints on how to approach sales and networking. These areas are not my strong point.