A lot had happened in the meantime, I’ve been doing a lot of awesome stuff, some stupid stuff as well. Since I was mentioning that I have big man-crush on Tony Hsei, I have to say that in the meantime I managed to meet him, introduce myself and express how grateful I am for him being my inspiration. He is as cool as I imagined him. Maybe by the time he builds his Vegas Paradise, I will have something lined up and move there… not likely :).

Chicago weather is awesome these days, it is like summer, we had 30 C yesterday and it is middle of March.

If it isn’t obvious, I intend to rant quite a bit here from now on, mostly inspired and nudged by my friend Tomas Ordonez. Who, would you believe, just applied to be Excelerated into proper enterpreneur and business man, like he isn’t one already.

What else, I am very much into prototyping lately, I always was big on that, but lately I feel like I don’t want to compromise on that any more. I intend to make next post a little about that.


Zappos get acquired by Amazon

I was genuinely surprised when I heard that Amazon acquired Zappos. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is person I genuinely admire and is true inspiration. My first reaction was disappointment, as I was secretly looking forward to battle between Amazon and Zappos, two great internet retailers. However when I think about it, this is really fantastic news, provided Zappos, as they are promising, will continue to be unique place with great customer service.

I would also like to add, that Jeff Bezos is also inspiration and very few people could have steered and grow Amazon for such long time.

This is video with Tony Hsieh talking about making of Zappos and it’s culture.

Phone changed, call us at 773-313-0670

We changed phone number. Yuhoo ! Old one is no longer functional and it was tied to VOIP service that was horrible. At times I questioned having a phone on which you can’t hear client properly. Since service didn’t improve and I found something better, we switched and are happy about it.

The service with ditched, we will not talk about them. The service we switched to is allvoi.com which is here in Chicago. So far, everything works and line is clear. I am very happy about it.

Lutz and Patmos launched


Artfully designed and carefully crafted, new Lutz and Patmos website is launched for public after two months of development.

Site was developed as cooperation of JC from JC Steinbrunner Creatives and me as Dakic OnLine. I was in charge of coding and technical issues while JC was working on creative stuff and visual layout.

We used Magento for ecommerce platform. We ran into a lot of performance and techinical difficulties with it and was able to resolve quite a bit of those. I wrote custom shipping module for the occasion for example.

Everything was worth the effort when we see how great site looks.

Decorative Paper Launched

We just launched Decorative Paper website for our client. Site is based on Zen Cart and is e-commerce solution for DP to sell their products online. It is fairly standard e-commerce solution with few customizations.

Because their products are big and very light, usual shipping wouldn’t do and we had to develop custom module that would calculate shipping based on oversized packages and fit their corobuff products in proper sizes of packages.