rails sqlite problem in windows : no such file to load — sqlite3

Huh, what a time waster.

Rails used to work right out of the box. Not anymore.

I recently had hd crash and today I wanted to do some rails work.  No rails, no problem.

So I install it and try to use sqlite3, which I remember was trick to make it work, then I figure, maybe they fixed it by now. No luck.

So I try to google it, like last time, but this time there is no way out. I downloaded sqlite3, put it in ruby/bin folder, then in windows/system32 folder, everything works from command line, but not in rails. It took me quite a bit of search to find this post.

In the end here is what helped:

gem install sqlite3-ruby –version 1.2.3

Hopefully this will help someone else, or me, next time I search.


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